6th Legion, The Space Wolves

This gallery is dedicated to my Horus Heresy Space Wolves army. They form the Sepp Company, led by Wolf Lord Hvarl Red-Blade.

Wolf Lord of Sepp Company, Hvarl Red-Blade
Hvarl, Terran-born, is known s Red-Blade for the seemingly permanent blood staining upon the knife he uses to cut threads on the battle field, although in the heat of battle, his preferred weapon is his trusty thunder hammer, forged on Holy Terra itself and presented as a reward for his leadership skills during the South Albia Uprising, shortly before the VIth Legion left their home world for the last time to sail the sea of stars. More pictures

Leman Russ, Lord of the Rout
Although Russ is the overall master of his legion, when he joins a particular company in battle, he fully respects the command of that Wolf Lord. He selected that warrior for his skills in battle and in leadership and so submits himself to the orders of the Jarl.
Ancient Úlfhéðnar
Known for his power fist in life, the Iron Priests saw fit to give him the largest close combat weapon they could feasibly attach to his carapace in death.
Ancient Asger
Ancient Sven
Terran-born, Sven has been part of the Legion since the very first intake, serving for nearly 200 years before finally falling foul to a lucky shot from a filthy Xenos sniper in the techno-wastes of 217-14. Depicted here at the Razing of Prospero taking down a veteran of the Thousand Sons.

Ancient Janus
Another Terran-born warrior of the Legion, interred in one of the earliest Contemptor-class dreadnoughts within the first 20 years of leaving the home planet and before being reunited with the Primarch. He's lived a long life but is becoming increasingly unstable...
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Terminator Squad
Hvarl's trusted wolf guard are variously clad, but a large number of them have selected to don the mighty Cataphractii Terminator armour.

This 'hero' of the legion has no name, giving it up upon joining the ranks of the Destroyers as a form of punishment. Over many decades of service he has paid for his deficiency in service, but refused to re-join the rank and file. Since then he has been 'promoted' to the rank of Moritat, and those that witness him in battle simply call him Death.
Company Standard Bearer
Assault Squad Heimdall
A 20-man assault squad who are always seen at the front of the assault or appearing as if by magic from to catch the enemy's unguarded flanks. Some liken them, in hushed tones, to the gutter-scum gang fighters of the Night Lords Legion, for they show no mercy and no restraint, using whatever weapons come to hand, when dispatching the enemy.

Fafnir's Shield Wall
Legion Breacher Squad, warriors taken from all-but depleted squads to form a solid wall of shields. Currently reduced to 13 men but with the ever gnashing teeth of war gnawing away at the Sons of Russ, there's no doubt they'll be reinforced soon.

Squad Skorroson
One of the company's tactical support squads, lead by the mighty Skor Skorroson. A Fenrisian-born warrior, he likes to purge the enemy with the purifying heat of plasma... Failing that, he uses his power fist to demonstrate the weakness of the foe.
Squad Jorson
Legion Vehicles
The Sepp Company have numerous vehicles in all of the varieties available to the Legions at the time of the Horus Heresy. They especially love anything that will get them in to the thick of the fray whilst providing them with fire support, so the Spartan Assault Tank features heavily in their armoury.
Rhino: (see more)
Heavy Support Squad: Logan's seekers - chasing their foe down with their underslung heavy bolters is their pack's idea of fun.
Land Speeder Squadron
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